The Deacon Ministry at First Baptist Church
To be appointed to be a deacon means to be called to serve. When the first deacons were appointed by the apostles in Acts 6:1-6, it was literally for the work of serving tables, so that the apostles could be fully devoted to prayer and ministry. To that end, the deacons of First Baptist Church of Brunswick are committed to fulfilling the biblical work of serving the body of Christ in a number of ways:

• Actively praying over and for the pastor, staff, and worship services.
• Serving as deacon-on-call after hours and on holidays.
• Providing alter counselors for all worship services.
• Preparing and serving the Lord’s Supper.
• Providing a large contingent of Spirit-filled, spiritually mature men of good reputation to serve the pastor as needed.

The deacons at FBC do not serve as a governing board of the church, rather, they minister to the well-being of the church, consistent with the biblical descriptions of a deacon's role and purpose.

Becoming A Deacon
To be eligible to serve as a deacon at FBC, a man must have attained the age of 25 and have been a member in good standing for at least two years. He would then be nominated by a church member during the annual nomination period (early summer), and would receive an invitation from the church to begin the certification process, which would include a questionnaire covering basic doctrine and personal testimony. The completed questionnaire is returned to the church and an interview is scheduled with the ordination council, comprised of active deacons and other leaders of the church. The list of qualified candidates is then sent to the pastor for approval and is then submitted to the church body for official vote. These men are then ordained (if they are not already), and begin a four-year term as active deacons. After this term, they are required to step down for a minimum of one year on inactive status, after which time they are eligible to begin the entire process again in order to serve another four-year term.

For more information, please call the church office at (912) 265-4150.